Current Conditions In Sierra Vista AZ

This Data is provided to the Weather Underground from our weather station located on Solarro Dr, in Sierra Vista, AZ. Our Wunderground Station ID is KAZSIERR34. Data is pushed to the Weather Underground every minute. The above display is in REAL TIME.

Local Forecast

Current ACTIVE Radar Loop
This radar loop is an active display of radar animation using the Weather Underground radar animation. If there are no active storms the radar will be blank of color.
Active Radar Loop

For a detailed forcast using our Weather Station with data provided to the Weather Underground.

For a Detailied outlook of local data provided by the National Weather Srevice In Tucson AZ

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Our Weather Station is a Davis Vantage VUE, placed on Solarro Dr in Sierra Vista, AZ. Data is fed via wireles connection from the station to the reciever inside our home. It is then sent to WEATHERLINK loaded on a PC. That data is then fed to the Weather Underground as well as the National Weather Service using the CWOP program.

Skywarn Weather Spotter

NWS Tucson has a new electronic form for reporting severe weather.


To see the latest data sent to the NWS via Our Weather Station EW3251

Detailed Discussion

For a detailed Forcast Discussion from the NWS Tucson